Monday, July 6, 2009

Who knew people could be so violent?

I recently stumbled upon one of Jack Chick's more recent tracts, titled "The Bully". This particular tract is about a grown man who has obsessively violent tendencies when dealing with people who are religious. Mind you, these people do not have to be evangelizing or preaching, they just have to believe in Christianity.

Shameful. Of course, Jack Chick wasn't one to shed positive light on those who
don't believe in his faith- or, even, his own brand of extreme fundamentalist Christianity. Also, it doesn't take any philosophical arguments to convince this bully's daughter that Jesus is fabricated. It just takes a threat.

Truly disgusting. Who the hell in the world is like that? Who could be so disgraceful as to use fear tactics to prey upon the emotionally unstable?


  1. How does it end, how does it end, how does it end? The suspense is killing me. Please tell me he gets into heaven. Pretty please!!!

    Tell me how to accept JC as my personal saviour, I see the light now!!!!!!

    (Sorry, [/sarcasm] ).

    These things used to amuse me, but now I can't stand 'em, hatefull little comic strips. Didn't know he was still making them (sadly).


  2. Yeah. Jack Chick and Westboro Baptist Church must get along just fine.

    P.S. I was just about to call Poe's Law.