Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Dear, I do believe we have ghosts...

Not really. I don't believe in ghosts. As a matter of fact, you can pretty much say I'm skeptical towards the whole superstition tripe. However, our good friends over at the Banded Spirits website have created a paranormal checklist for us.

How wonderful. The list goes as follows...

1) Unexplained Noises

2) Doors opening and closing

3) Lights turning on and off

4) Items Disappearing

5) Unexplained Shadows

6) Strange domestic animal behavior

7) Feeling of being watched

8) Psychokinetic phenomena--seeing a door open

9) Feeling of being touched

10) Whispers and Muffled voices

11) Cold or Hot spots--major temperature changes

12) Unexplained smells

13) Objects moving

14) Physical Assault

15) Hand or Foot prints

16) Apparitions

And there you have it. Anybody who believes this surely hasn't pulled any of their skeptical muscles. To be fair, the owners of the website do offer some seemingly valid explanation to what somebody may seem to think might be a poltergeist trying to terrify you in your own home. Such as...

Houses do settle over time, resulting in strange noises. Plumbing can
cause some ghostly sounds. The same can be said of the weather outside.
Blowing wind through trees and parts of your home will make noises.

Furry creatures, such as mice, or other rodents can make strange and
disturbing sounds in ceilings, walls and floors, etc.

Wild outside animals, car headlights hitting reflective objects... all can be
mistaken as paranormal.

Our own minds can also play tricks on us. Over active imaginations, tired from a long day at work, medications, and stress are common causes for tricks of the mind, which may seem paranormal.

I do wonder if the owners of the website even believe in ghosts [or a myriad of other paranormal phenomena], or are they just trying to regurgitate the hype surrounding this topic. That is, of course, until I see the typing above explaining to me why I shouldn't use the Ouija Board- it could let anything come through.

Unfortunately, critical thinking isn't one of those things.


  1. You know...ghosts are one of the few things I'm skeptical about but that I actually sort of...WANT to believe in. I've never once...not once had any kind of experience in my 28 years of life that made me think there were ghosts. I just think it would be pretty awesome if there

  2. I'd like to think that no.14 on the first quote you had there really happens when it comes to the paranormal. Totally seems like it would be way more fun that your average house-haunting ghost.