Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Interesting News 'Bite'

Apparently, in 16th century Venice, there was an accepted belief in vampires.

But sure, this is a corpse believed to be buried during the 16th century, a time when people didn’t know any better but to believe in vampires. People wouldn't believe this nowadays...

Am I right?

No. A quick Google search points to the contrary. I wonder if I search hard enough, would I find a group of people out there who believe that Twilight is actually a memoir. I cringe at the thought.


  1. Mrs Ferret would like to believe that Twighlight was real, that much I know (she loves those books).

    I do recall a news story some time ago (from Germany I think), about someone who believed he was a vampire, killing someone to drink their blood. Scary stuff.


  2. I guarantee you you could EASILY find people who think vampires are real.

    And as for twilight...emo vampires don't count.

  3. TRF,
    Many females over here are the same way. Also,thanks for that link. It was a pretty brutal... Satanic Murder? I'd rather not.

    Agreed. And I just had to laugh a bit when I read your twilight comment.