Sunday, January 11, 2009

Television Pests

Sunday morning, the house is quiet, and I decided to turn on the television.

On weekdays, I usually watch the morning News (mind you, this is early in the day).

Today, I get this-

Oh, and this is on public television. If it isn't enough these people already have their own television station (TBN), they have to infiltrate public television as well.

Now, since we do have freedom of speech, I guess I admit to accepting the fact that televangelists are free to express their message to the public on television. 

But, is it for fame?


  1. Thats my issue with it all as well. Religious speciality channels exist, but these programmes worm their way into the gaps of mainstream channels, like weeds in flagstones. Mind you, cannot be many people watching at that time?

    On the other hand, sometimes (When very bored) I surf through some of those religious channels (Free ones, would never pay for a subscription), can be good for a laugh, or a WTF moment. Have to be VERY bored though. And have Mrs Ferret nowhere around, 'cause she thinks its incredibly sad.


  2. Of course, perhaps not many people watch the programming early in the morning, but it does stream until the afternoon.

    But, I must say I too have a little fun sometimes (on a boring day) watching something like the 700 club for just a bit.
    But, only a bit.