Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How much are you willing to change?

Well, obviously today marks the day of a new President taking command of the grand United States of America, and this particular president ran on the platform of change and hope.

Which leads me to asking- How have you changed your life for the better in the past few months? And, have you acquired a new found hope for the future (Either for your country, or just for yourself)? 

Even though I do not have big plans for the (immediate) future myself, dear reader, I can't help but wonder if you do?


  1. Speaking for myself, no major changes. Life is good, and hopefully will stay that way. But I do have more hope for the future now that you guys have someone in charge who might actually give a damn about the rest of the world (and the normal people in the US), and not just what the religious nuts in his own faith-bubble want.

    1st decision I hear Obama took was halting Guantanamo trials. A very promising start!


  2. Oh yes, TRF, it is grand indeed.
    A person who decided to include all Americans, and not only those of the Christian faith, into his agenda.