Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Stoic Anthem

A question that eats away at the mind of any man-

Is it better to be a happy man, or a sad Socrates?

In other words, are we willing to reject emotions and feelings to discern reality? Is it better to face reality on it's own terms, or come up with an explanation to help us cope?

I, myself, commit to detaching emotions from my rationalizing. What say you, dear reader?


  1. Hmm. Do we need to detatch ourselves from our emotions to discern reality. Its a necessary step for proper scientific investigation for sure, but as long as we are aware of the influence our emotions have on us, I don't think it matters.

    Deinately agree with detatching emotions from rationalizing, but deal with them when facing reality.

    Happy Socrates then (How's that for sitting on the fence?).


  2. Not bad.

    Happy Socrates it is then. (If there was such an occasion for fence sitting, this would be it).