Thursday, August 13, 2009

I now get Japanese Spam

Now, I have set my blog comment settings in a way so that anybody can come to my blog and express their ideas without worrying about being censored (I actually support free speech, and don't care if you curse or say "blasphemous" comments). The reason for this is that I believe it is childish to get worked up about who said what, and I'd like this to be a place for any audience to have their ideas heard and not shut out; however, I never accounted for spam. Nevertheless, Japanese spam (I'm disappointed, I was hoping to get a drive-by gospel shooting).

This one, with the help of Google translate, harshly translates into this-
HAMESEREBU is immediately available free dating community. The unprecedented performance, and find people that match your wishes. Ensures we meet the events a month luxury unthinkable

And this one harshly translates into this-
Height of summer! One girl is a feeling of open world's spoiling for a H! Oh you girls ○ network to raise the mood for him at the knee! Of course, it's also OK to help you! Now, by accessing the Ministry of Relief Now
I just found this amusing. Perhaps you can make more sense of this than I can. At the moment, though, I have no plans of changing my comment policy.


  1. Yeah, that's why you want to enable the captcha. :)

  2. >Oh you girls ○ network to raise the mood for him at the knee!

    Is this message saying Japanese girls wish to get on their knees and "raise your mood"? Count me in.

  3. Haha that is classic. The internet is the source of much goodness, as well as badness. Translation errors are almost always hilarious though. I guess my blog is not popular enough to get spam yet. :) Lucky me.

  4. Ahh. I don't really want to enable CAPTCHA, but I was hit again today.

    Perhaps I'll have to reconsider this if it happens again- Does anybody seem to mind?

  5. @Sparrowhawk,
    Those were my first thoughts as well.

    Yes, consider yourself lucky.

    Maybe you've already got spam, but the CAPTCHA kept it at bay. Shame, it might have been Christian SPAM.

  6. Keep letting them through mate, as long as they translate as amusingly as the last one!


  7. That is true.
    We're bound to get another golden statement.