Sunday, August 23, 2009

CCSG Chapter 8: Dating

Read about this series of posts here, The Christian Culture Survival Guide.

After reading the chapter, and being stricken by apathy towards the topic of Christian relationships, I've decided to now half-ass this blog post and show you a rap video about "rolling" with atheists. I don't generally listen to this type of music, and the video is a bit cheesy, but it's better than nothing (and perhaps mildly entertaining, at the very least).


  1. Hahaha! This is good. My girlfriend is a Baptist, but she accepts my atheism, and we get along just fine.

    I'm glad to see you back from your trip, and I hope you enjoyed your time.

  2. Oh my word, how did you find that? Comes under so bad its funny I think.

    A former girlfriend of mine was very religious, and so I went to her church to see what it was all about. The service wasn't the sort I had grown up with, in this place they would baptise you on your first visit - loads of members were students, many from outiside the UK (i.e. loads of lonely people, after a bit of company).

    The pastor was very [very] friendly, but when they started singing, would preface the songs by saying things along the lines of "If you want to accept Jesus and bring him into your life, sing with us" - so I didn't. I would probably have mumbled along, but when he put that caveat onto singing, it put me right off, I just stood with everyone and kept quiet (humming football{soccer} terrace songs in my head) - very intimidating though.

    My girlfriend broke up with me soon after, wrote me a letter saying that she hoped I would find God, as he loved me, etc. I was dumped for another person - GOD?!.

    Turned out to be a lucky escape, met my future wife immediately after, now happily married with a son.


  3. Oh, and for any lurking theist, I was an atheist LONG before this, I'm not angry with God or anything. Heard that argument before.


  4. @SecularThinker,
    As long as she respects your atheism, I can see how there is no problem.

    I've had some similar experiences in Churches, humming along to other tunes by myself while everyone else sang along.
    Seeing as though she wrote you a letter saying that she dumped you for "god", I suspect it was a lucky escape indeed.

  5. Heh. RedFerret's story reminds me of the first time I went into an evangelical church. This was also the result of humoring my girlfriend. I'd been raised Episcopalian (and had been agnostic for nearly a decade by then), so the first time they went to pray and everybody stuck their hands up in the air, it threw me completely off my stride.

    And then they got to the altar call - "Would anybody here like to accept Jesus into their heart?" - and everybody within a twenty foot radius turned to look at me, including my girlfriend. Serious, serious, Village of the Damned/Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibe, there. It's a wonder I didn't make a break for the door. But I stood there, and we all waited, and eventually they got on with the service.

    Oh, and by the way: hello. I'm Michael Mock. I found your blog from a link on Forever in Hell, and started reading. (Yes, it's a slow day at work.) Hope you don't mind.