Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wikipedia bans Scientology

I found it amusing that Wikipedia took it upon itself to create a policy banning "high ranking" Scientologists from editing the Scientology article on the famous online encyclopedia. This is all in the hopes that the site can do a better job at keeping it's articles neutral.
While Wikipedia aims to be a site for "neutral" information, Scientology critics and admirers have slanted entries to fit their views and "resorted
to battlefield editing tactics," according to the arbitration board.

Scientologists need not be crestfallen, though. According to this, critics of scientology are also a target for their biased (albeit perhaps true) commentary. Remaining neutral has been Wikipedia's policy, and I believe it should remain that way. Besides that, Scientology does enough to make itself seem highly ludicrous already.

I don't understand how people can find this to be equivalent to truth.


  1. Sure it seems silly to you or me, but imagine you're rich from an emotionally draining career and you feel empty inside. You might be willing to accept anything.

    Besides, I find aliens far more likely to exist than gods (in the traditional sense).

  2. Valid point.

    I too, in the traditional sense, find aliens far more likely than gods.

    However, Xenu is not one of those aliens.