Sunday, June 7, 2009

A pleasant surprise...

While looking at the top search queries for my blog, I saw this-

When a pastor decides to do a quick google search for a new witty phrase to put on his church bulletin, he might stumble upon the devil's tools. I need to be more damning, then.

Anybody else find anything interesting in the top 20 queries in which their blog appears? (I used Google Webmaster Tools).


  1. 1. red ferret
    2. the red ferret
    3. "christina martin" amazon review
    4. "men in hats" "quoting the bible"
    5. "mitochondrial eve" fraud
    6. "mother teresa" "evil bitch"
    7. . ergo, science trumps the bible
    8. church signs patriotic
    9. ferrets portsmouth
    10. god in kanji
    11. how fast is a red ferret
    12. how to pimp a bus

    Some very random searches have lead people to my blog. But if you type "ergo, science trumps the bible" into google, (at present), my blog comes out as the first link. Nice.


  2. Number six on your list is by far my favorite one.

  3. And it pops my blog in at no.3 in google search. I wonder if this post here will alter those listings? Not sure how google works in that respect.

    All very amusing though.