Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just When I Thought the Nightmare was Over...

I dislike the rain. It ruins what would otherwise be a pleasant day.

It recently rained, and I dreaded it (for what it was worth). Thinking that things were going to be safe and sunny (except for the cold mornings), I was surprised to see that rain was going to return once more. 

Damn the Los Angeles Times forecast reports for being the bearer of bad news.

I'll enjoy tomorrow, even though I carry this heavy burden upon my heart.

My dear friend, The Sun, I do hope we'll say our final goodbyes soon, so that I may see you shine brilliantly once more after the time of rain breaks.

...anyone else hate rain? 


  1. Manchester (Centre of the Universe) is infamous for its grey "drizzle" (not proper rain, just dampness in the air) and perpetual greyness, but whenever I'm somewhere new, a grey rainy day reminds me of home . . . actually, the warm home feeling lasts for about a minute, give me blue skys, warm sun and a cold beer any day!


  2. That, TRF, sounds like something that every man could get behind.