Tuesday, November 10, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine

I got my H1N1 Vaccine yesterday, and boy does it feel good. The waiting in line? Not so much. That's in the past, and we want to move towards the future. Speaking of which, Sylvia Browne (who allegedly can see into the future) was on the Jay Leno show recently. Go ahead and watch for yourself!


  1. Congrats, as a diabetic, I need to get mine. Sylvia Brown is a fraud who got exposed as such on Coast to Coast of all places.

  2. Of course- Unfortunately, she's still taken serious (one of the reasons I post the stop Sylvia link on my website.) Jay Leno doesn't seem to take her seriously in this clip.

    I'm very interested in viewing the Coast to Coast clip, however.

  3. Sylvia Browne on Leno?

    I thought the "stupid human tricks" bit was a Letterman thing...