Monday, November 16, 2009

The cold weather

I just stepped outside my comfortable home here in California for a few minutes and felt the cold breeze of a morning with cloudy skies. It makes me realize just how much I really do like my coffee- the hot beverage that replenishes my energy (because sleeping takes so much out of me...)

Enjoy the recent Non-sequitur.


  1. heya im new to this whole blog thing, anywho have been scrolling through blogs, and well, so far, yours is the only one im getting a giggle out of (in a good way)!!

  2. Coffee is OK, but a nice cup of tea rules my friend! Hope the weather is still OK, its done nothing but rain iver here for about two weeks. Nice.


  3. To my first commenter, thank you very much.

    RedFerret, it's rare that rain even lasts longer than a day here. I couldn't imagine two weeks.