Sunday, April 12, 2009

Favorite Church Signs

As mentioned in my previous post, being a non-religious person doesn't excuse me from having a good laugh due to seeing an extraordinarily cheesy church sign every once in a while.  But I want to ask the reader, meaning you, if you enjoy seeing corny phrases on church signs or bulletins as well (if anything, for a good laugh. Some of these people are serious).  If so, mind sharing any memorable quotes or slogans?


  1. Thats ace mate. I've seen plenty of awful ones, although can't remember any corny ones lately (Except the "CH_ _ CH - Whats missing? U R" one I posted a pic of).

    Keep putting them on your site, they are good for a laugh!


  2. The one in this post is off a quick Google search, but I have plenty taken from my phone's camera.

    Once I'm able to connect my cell phone to my computer, I'll post plenty of pictures for a good laugh.

  3. This are hilarious, I've seen some outragous ones here in Phoenix, I should start taking pictures. Get a collection going for my blog. Thanks

  4. My favorite REAL church sign (no joke) said the following: "LET THE LORD HAVE HIS WAY WITH YOU".